Public private partnership to create something new

PP-LANDFILL stands for public partnership as well as private partnership when it comes to landfill projects. Because disposal capacities can be created in many ways. Potential does not only exist for the development of completely new locations; opportunities also arise by expanding existing landfills or converting former mineral mining sites such as gravel, sand or clay pits and quarries into landfills for lightly contaminated waste.

Private partnership for landfill conversion

Private partner creation for landfills: potential conversion of mineral mining pits

One possibility for the creation of new landfill capacities is the utilisation of exploited gravel/sand/clay pits or quarries. more

Partnership with public landfill operators

PP-LANDFILL in the form of a public-private landfill

Whether new landfill section or "landfill on landfill": Together with the public sector, we are working on sustainable landfill capacities. more